SimpleFold in Go

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SimpleFold iterates over Unicode code points equivalent under the Unicode-defined simple case folding. Among the code points equivalent to rune (including rune itself), SimpleFold returns the smallest rune > r if one exists, or else the smallest rune >= 0. If r is not a valid Unicode code point, SimpleFold(r) returns r.

package main

import (

func main() {
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('A'))      // 'a'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('a'))      // 'A'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('K'))      // 'k'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('k'))      // '\u212A' (Kelvin symbol, K)
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('\u212A')) // 'K'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", unicode.SimpleFold('1'))      // '1'