What is this?

DevBits is an online repository of code examples.
You can quickly find how to do something in your programming language.
Learn by examples from people who already solved your problem.

Run Examples

Examples can be edited and run directly in the browser. Verify examples before you use them.
For more complex examples that can't run in the browser, you can see screenshots uploaded by the author.
You can also create and share code in the Playground.

Code Indexing

Code Symbols are indexed so you can quickly find examples that uses your library or function.
For example you can see all examples that use Go's http.Get.

Task Graph

DevBits helps you navigate development with a curated map of common dev tasks.
This helps you learn higher level concepts that can be implemented in any language/platform.
It is very much an ongoing effort but you can see the Developer's Atlas.

Community Effort

Creating examples for everything is an ambitious task!
We invite you to contribute code examples to make the tool more powerful for you and everyone!
A progress page for each programming language will soon be available at Can We Do....