Generics in V

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struct Repo<T> {
	db DB

fn new_repo<T>(db DB) Repo<T> {
	return Repo<T>{db: db}

// This is a generic function. V will generate it for every type it's used with.
fn (r Repo<T>) find_by_id(id int) ?T {
	table_name := // in this example getting the name of the type gives us the table name
	return r.db.query_one<T>('select * from $table_name where id = ?', id)

db := new_db()
users_repo := new_repo<User>(db)
posts_repo := new_repo<Post>(db)
user := users_repo.find_by_id(1)?
post := posts_repo.find_by_id(1)?