SpecialCase in Go

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SpecialCase represents language-specific case mappings such as Turkish. Methods of SpecialCase customize (by overriding) the standard mappings.

package main

import (

func main() {
	t := unicode.TurkishCase

	const lci = 'i'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToLower(lci))
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToTitle(lci))
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToUpper(lci))

	const uci = 'İ'
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToLower(uci))
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToTitle(uci))
	fmt.Printf("%#U\n", t.ToUpper(uci))